Sunday, July 20, 2014

And They're Off! Saratoga Style.

And They're Off! Saratoga Style.

And They're Off! Saratoga Style. by jhilbuer rnnyc 

It's opening weekend in the Summer Place To Be.  The Saratoga Race Track has a rich history.  Part of that history is how classy and well dressed the fans are.  The ladies in their dresses and beautiful hats.  Be her best accessory by bringing it up a notch with some style.  A linen, unlined sport coat is a good start.  It's cool (in weight and sartorially speaking) and a good building block for the rest of your look.  Add a straw fedora, a pocket square, Madmen inspired shades and some white bucks and you will be a WINNER!  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What's an Irish Career Girl to wear on St. Paddy's Day?

St. Patrick's Day for Her

St. Patrick's Day for Her by uptownsusieb featuring MICHAEL Michael Kors

March is coming!  Growing up Irish-Catholic, it means one thing.......

St. Patrick's Day.  

Lots of green, parades, corned beef and cabbage,  Irish music, an overall tribute to our Irish roots...  And, of course, a beer or two, Irish coffee or a neat Whisky.

It got me thinking of all my friends who have to go to the office that day (gasp! The 17th is on a Monday).  I thought the above outfit would be a chic nod for my Irish friends to stay true to the holiday by wearin' o' the green and to show off their stylish Irish pride.