Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let's talk about that Tux.

The Tux

"I already have a tux".

Really?  Reeeeeeallllllyyyyyy? 

You mean that relic from the mid-90's? 

Yes, honey - you looked extremely handsome on our wedding day.   And yes, I have put up with it through the years of child rearing {I was happy to just get OUT}.  But, the haze has lifted and those shoulder pads, boxy frame, and pleated pants just won't do. Time to embrace the new millennium {it has been 13 years, the stylish options available, and UPDATE!

The tux doesn't have to be relegated to your wedding day, New Years Eve and the occasional black-tie event.  Go nuts, guys and wear the jacket with a pair of black jeans and a crisp black or white dress shirt {better yet a tonal or seasonal plaid would be great also} to this years holiday get-together's and you not only give a nod to the season - but you are the best dressed {cool} guy in the room.  Why should George and Jason have all the fun?  

J. Hilburn has a very subtle midnight blue {upper right}option or charcoal flannel, along with classic black.  Trust me .... It's time to get current.


Men's Shoe Staples.

Men Shoe Staples

Must Have Accessories For The Stylish Man

Must Have Accessories For The Stylish Men
1.) A sleek yet classic leather briefcase.  Leave the give-away bag from your last conference at home.
2.) Silver cuff links can let you express your own style or likes....  Here is a good place to make a personal style statement.
3.) Every man should have a pocket square.  Again, a good place to make a statement - just don't match it to your tie, please!
4.) Keep  your shoes shined either by you or treat yourself to a professional shine!
5.) Nothing beats a well-groomed man.  Beards are popular now - but they need to be well maintained.  Treat yourself to a nice hot towel shave and hair cut at Paul Mole.
6.) Nothing beats a nice leather and canvas travel bag - always a classic and perfect for weekend get-aways!
7.) Have fun with your glasses.  I especially like Warby Parker Horn Rims.
9.) If you are wearing the sleeker more fitted suits with a shorter pant length - fun socks are a must!  Especially for creative types.
10.) Any girl who tells you she didn't look at your watch, shoes and belt when she first met you is lying.  Watches make an impact - even if your phone is really your source for all things including the time!

How to mix checks and patterns For Men!

How to mix checks and patterns For Men!

The Perfect Dress Shirt Starter Kit

A Coat for All Seasons

A Coat for All Seasons

Must Have Suits.

Fall Weekend. Lose Jersey. Add Style. Get The Girl.