Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let's talk about that Tux.

The Tux

"I already have a tux".

Really?  Reeeeeeallllllyyyyyy? 

You mean that relic from the mid-90's? 

Yes, honey - you looked extremely handsome on our wedding day.   And yes, I have put up with it through the years of child rearing {I was happy to just get OUT}.  But, the haze has lifted and those shoulder pads, boxy frame, and pleated pants just won't do. Time to embrace the new millennium {it has been 13 years, the stylish options available, and UPDATE!

The tux doesn't have to be relegated to your wedding day, New Years Eve and the occasional black-tie event.  Go nuts, guys and wear the jacket with a pair of black jeans and a crisp black or white dress shirt {better yet a tonal or seasonal plaid would be great also} to this years holiday get-together's and you not only give a nod to the season - but you are the best dressed {cool} guy in the room.  Why should George and Jason have all the fun?  

J. Hilburn has a very subtle midnight blue {upper right}option or charcoal flannel, along with classic black.  Trust me .... It's time to get current.


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