Thursday, October 24, 2013

Must Have Accessories For The Stylish Man

Must Have Accessories For The Stylish Men
1.) A sleek yet classic leather briefcase.  Leave the give-away bag from your last conference at home.
2.) Silver cuff links can let you express your own style or likes....  Here is a good place to make a personal style statement.
3.) Every man should have a pocket square.  Again, a good place to make a statement - just don't match it to your tie, please!
4.) Keep  your shoes shined either by you or treat yourself to a professional shine!
5.) Nothing beats a well-groomed man.  Beards are popular now - but they need to be well maintained.  Treat yourself to a nice hot towel shave and hair cut at Paul Mole.
6.) Nothing beats a nice leather and canvas travel bag - always a classic and perfect for weekend get-aways!
7.) Have fun with your glasses.  I especially like Warby Parker Horn Rims.
9.) If you are wearing the sleeker more fitted suits with a shorter pant length - fun socks are a must!  Especially for creative types.
10.) Any girl who tells you she didn't look at your watch, shoes and belt when she first met you is lying.  Watches make an impact - even if your phone is really your source for all things including the time!

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